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~Ysabel Vintage Online is a proud member of the Vintage Fashion Guild ~

What makes Ysabel  Vintage Online different from other vintage sources and stores?  

Our buying philosophy is “wearable vintage.” We don’t expect you to buy dirty goods in poor repair and fix them yourself (if you can). Our items are clean, which means that if needed, they’ve been dry cleaned, washed, hand laundered, steamed, and/or repaired.

We also have a good number of items that are “new old stock,” meaning they’re authentic vintage, but new and never worn, or barely so; items in the latter category may be items that were purchased by the original owner but didn’t fit quite right (haven’t we all been there?) or received as a well-intended gift that wasn’t the giftee’s style, or just infrequently used/ worn, put in a drawer and forgotten. These are the kinds of finds that bring us joy, joy, joy-- a vintage and antique buyer’s ultimate thrill.

That said, vintage is, well, old, by definition. Even new old stock may have issues, depending upon how it was stored and in what kind of climate. We respect your intelligence and let you know the flaws. See "How to Measure/Condition Rating.”  Note that returns are not accepted as  a general rule, but we do accept returns if received back unopened in original sale condition with all applicable tags, security measures &/or packaging intact within 7 days of your receipt.  After that, special rules apply, see under "Terms & Conditions."

We also strive to build a curated collection of period-correct & thematically similar items, especially in accessories.

 What are your prices based upon?

Short answer: Condition, rarity, and demand.  

We try to carry items representative of a wide variety of design eras, from humble wash & wear polyester (which nonetheless revolutionized clothing in the 20th Century) to vintage luxury silks,  linen, leather and cashmere. Feel free to browse –flexible layaway plans are also available.

How did You Get Into Vintage?

Completely naturally and genetically ~ it’s been a lifelong thing. It helps to be descended from a long line of history lovers, vintage wearers, treasure seekers, and mavens of historic design, and to have had the great good fortune to have grown up around classics of vintage and antique design in clothing, furniture, and automobiles.

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Address:      Ysabel Vintage Online

                      POB 13068

                            Mill Creek, WA 98082

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